While many people resist change as much as possible, others embrace it. We are the navigators of our destiny, and for some this is the driving force for getting breast implants.

There are many reasons why people decide to get breast implants. Looking at its definition as a type of prosthesis, for some the reason to get breast implants is for reconstructive purposes, the implants help change the shape, size, and contour of one’s breasts to look fuller and bigger.

There are also the cases where males undergo gender reassignment reconstruction, and with this significant change they may want to appear more feminine by increasing their breast size. It may aid them to fit better in women’s garments, and depending on their career pathway it may also become helpful for them to land a career in acting, theatre, or anything that involves female casting.

For many, it is their wish to have the body shape they most desire. To build their confidence and to be able to love themselves on the outside as well as the inside. There are known natural ways to enhance breast size such as exercise, push-up bras, breast creams, and even a simple habit of eating a balanced diet was greatly advised. But if you have exhausted all of these, breast augmentation or breast implants become an alternative consideration.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Implants

Before we go any further, let’s first clarify these two surgeries. Breast augmentation and breast implant surgery are identical procedures. Both are a type of cosmetic surgery that involves silicone or saline implant placements into the breast to enhance the shape, size, and volume.

Safety first

According to the The Food and Drug Administration in America, here are the main things every person should consider when deciding to proceed with cosmetic surgery:

  1. Awareness of the risks, complications, and follow-up care with the whole of the patient decision checklist done.
  2. Boxing and labels are not tampered, outdated, or mishandled.
  3. The whole description for materials and devices used in manufacturing the very product (breast implants), including the quantities and kinds of chemicals, metals, and other substances used.
  4. Products Passed or approved in the Rupture Screening recommendations for silicone gel-filled breast implant.

Medical advice from a government body such as the FDA gives assurance that implants are safe to use as long as the person undergoing the cosmetic surgical procedure is aware of the complications afterwards, this includes scarring, inflammation, pain, and implant rupture. There is no assurance that a breast augmentation surgery becomes exempted of any error. 

As ‘El Naturelle’ as possible

As breast surgery is quite an investment, how do we make sure that the result is as natural looking as possible? 

  1. Typically most women with natural breasts would have approximately 2-3 inches of space in the middle of women’s breasts. By having breast implants it narrows this gap. Breasts more likely don’t touch in the middle. If they are also looking too high on the chest and not around where your armpits are, you can tell that they are implants. Whether you use saline or silicon, if the doctor lacks experience the appearance may make the implants look unnatural on the person’s body.
  1. Saline breast implants may be the most economical choice, but to get a more natural look it may require choosing a different type of implant.
  1. Breast implants made up of silicon feel the most natural. Even before the procedure, the silicone already feels real just by touching it. This is due to the particular form that makes it more stable yet with a normal feel. It is like a “gummy bear” in which cohesive gel fills it up mimicking how real breasts would feel like. It’s what makes it a perfect fit, hence the most commonly used.

Looking your best

Amongst the many options when it comes to breast implant surgery; the silicone and saline implants remain the most preferred and trusted type. Given they are both highly regular and cohesive it makes them the most high-quality performance options and the safest of all.