Is it just a gimmick or is the skin better-using serums. Well, I will be among those painful people who say it depends!

If we look at what a serum or corrector, (what we call serums since they’re correcting skin conditions), should do for the skin’s skin then yes correctors are vitally important.

But having the incorrect corrector to your skin actually will be a waste of effort and money applying.

It is being aware of what’s happening with your skin and where its weakness lie is essential to ensure your using the perfect serum/corrector.

As an example, if you’re extremely dehydrated and fine lines are beginning to appear you need hyaluronic acid, ( a component that may hold 100x its own weight it water! That is amazing in itself). This will give your skin a super hydration increase helping to push out those fine lines and rehydrate the skin.

However, a hydrating serum is not any good if your fighting with pigmentation as hyaluronic has no impact of stopping pigment from forming.

You might need to bring a corrector/serum in your routine.