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Experience is always a great teacher. Studies show that the more a learner gets to experience a lesson using the five senses, the longer one retains that lesson. There also is what you call muscle memory, in which your body essentially stores information in a way that can be replicated later. Eventually, it will learn something through adaptation. Our bodies, in careful consideration, can retain memories, cultivate culture, and adapt, until it develops skills. Somehow, our senses can enhance an experience and transform it into something worth remembering in the long haul. Some may experience tranquillity and satisfaction and while for some cigar aficionados, having a feel of the deed gives you a sense of both, let’s look at what is in a cigar that makes enthusiasts talk of it with high regard. 


One of the many distinct qualities of a cigar, and probably what sets it apart from being called a cigarette on steroids, is its taste. It comes in earthy, spicy, and woody flavors that would tickle the bitter part of your palate around after you’ve finished smoking it. Depending on the wrap filler and binder, you’ll tap on both mild and strong-flavored ones before you get a personal preference. Until then, a Cuban Cigar remains to be the holy grail of tobacco products. 

Some smoke one cigar after the other. As per recommendation, smoke the stronger one last is easier to make sense of the more distinct taste without any other flavor lingering. 

The exhilarating liberty 

Perhaps you may have asked yourself whether you are a smoker or not, what makes having a cigar so worthwhile? You may have asked, “what makes enthusiasts go or want more.” 

When you smoke, you tend to breathe slowly and relax. When these two combine, you can achieve a “high” that gets produced, giving you a pleasant headrush. The frequent firing of nerve cells may also be causing it as nicotine binds to the nerve receptors.


Most historians believed that the ancient Mayans were the first to wrap the tobacco in a plantain leaf and smoked it. One of the many relics that can prove this is the ancient Mayan pots that have been discovered. Archaeologists have found depictions of a Mayan man puffing on one of these very early cigars. 

When Spain colonized Cuba, the Spaniards produced a global supply of cigars in the mid-1800s. As they were sold throughout the world, their manufacturing companies undeniably flourished. They were able to establish a massive reputation. Spanish Cigars are considered to be of high quality and are some of the best non-Cuban cigars that you can acquire. 

In February 1962, when US President Kennedy enforced a trade embargo against Cuba’s ruler, Fidel Castro, control over the island left Castro in charge. He confiscated ex-pat licenses to secure his private properties. Assets, such as the booming cigar companies, were included. And that is the story behind the Cuban cigar becoming illegal in America.  

The status came with 

Cigars paved the way for a higher society to gather and enjoy themselves while talking about influential people and politics. In this regard, it had become a status symbol for the rich and influential.

 You might be curious as to how socialites are willing to pay for a cigar. Well, from a Cuban smoke to a royal courtesan cigar called Gurkha, prices may range to US$2-U1 million. 

Once in a lifetime 

There is always that lingering feeling in all of us to live our lives to the fullest. While tobacco smoking was proven to be harmful with excessive use, the class and status that is associated with smoking cigars is something that should at least be taken into consideration and tried once during your lifetime.