Talent, skill, natural ability, intelligence, opportunities, luck: all of these are terrific features to have in our life. But there’s nothing quite so important and influential to our degree of success in life than a positive, optimistic attitude.

Whether our attitude is positive or negative, we are not born with it. It is something that’s slowly shaped over time, mainly through our life experiences and through the influence of the people around us.

Here are three simple but effective ways in which your fitness lifestyle will allow you to mold yourself a positive and productive mental attitude:

Giving you self-pride through daily achievements

There are many things we can do to improve ourselves as individuals, but not many people take the time to do some of them on a regular basis as their everyday life occupies all of their attention. So they overlook and end up neglecting their own growth.

Teaching you humility

Humility is an essential quality for a person to own. A humble person will remain open to learning new things because they are more aware of the limitations and want to grow.

Teaching one to accept that you can not control everything

While part of having a positive attitude is the assurance of knowing that you have the ability to shape your own life. When you work on your fitness, it also teaches you that you can’t control everything.

Sometimes the most diligent and careful individuals may have accidents and injuries and worse still, sometimes the fittest and healthy people may contract serious illnesses. Another thing you learn is that sometimes you can do everything right and work as hard as you can but still not get the same results as someone else.

Everybody’s fitness journey is unique and very personal, and every person gets something different out of theirs. I’d love to hear what life lessons fitness has instructed you, and how it has changed you as a person. Please leave your experiences in the comments below!