Whiskey is probably the most suitable and preferred drink with cigars. One exudes a mellow aroma, while the other gives an elegant and harmonious luscious taste. The combination of the two leaves the mouth with a rich and charming aftertaste.

Generally, most of the cigars have some common sweet flavors like coffee, caramel, and vanilla, and sometimes it’s flavored with some spicy flavors like Cinnamon.
Deep malt whiskey, has a sweetness that helps balance the experience of smoking cigars and drinking.

Top 3 Classic Whisky & Cigar Combos

  1. Churchill’s Romeo and Julieta paired with Highland Knight’s Twenty-Five Years Whiskey.
  2. Santa Damiana paired with Glengoyne’s 17-year-old whiskey.
  3. The King of the World paired with Three Wood.

The Best Blends of Whiskey and A Cigar 

MacArthur Scotch Blended Whiskey 
MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky has been highly respected since 1877 and evokes some of the glory and traditions associated with the MacArthur family.

Carefully selected regional malt whiskies and high-quality grain whiskies have been professionally blended to make this strong and rich Scotch whisky, which is loved by consumers all over the world. MacArthur Blended Scotch Whisky is named after the MacArthur family in Argyll, Scotland, which fought alongside Robert Bruce in the Scottish War of Independence.

MacArthur Whisky has a soft, mellow taste and a fresh aftertaste.

 Aroma: Barley malt aroma with a sweet citrus aroma.
Color: rich, clear golden.
Taste: After aging in barrels, it has toffee and vanilla flavors.

Recommended Match With
Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill’s 

This cigar has a mellow and full-bodied taste, and the overall smoking experience is extremely smooth. It is very suitable for pairing with whiskey with a thick cover, rich citrus, and vanilla flavors.

Whisky Dip Cigars
to store cigars for a long time, and to preserve their moisture, people often slightly dip their cigar in whisky for a few seconds and then take the cigar out and let it absorb the whisky and dry. This can help to preserve the quality of a Cigar not unlike how a Cigar Humidor does

This not only protects the cigar from being dry but also gives a unique essence and flavor to the cigar.

How to Find A Perfect Blend Of Whiskey With A Cigar?

  • Cigars can be paired with most whiskeys like Bourbon, Scotch whiskey, cognac, and rum. Cocktails featuring these products are also good choices. Of course, wine, and beer are also fine. But no matter what kind of beverage, the taste of each product needs to be considered and balanced according to its flavors and fragrance.
  • scotch whisky with a high alcohol content wouldn’t be suitably paired with a light or mild Cigar, as the high concentration of alcohol would overpower the subtle tones from the Cigar. Instead, a lighter drink would be better paired with this kind of Cigar.
  • Looking at bourbon, the flavors of vanilla and caramel are obvious, and sweeter cigars work best. Generally speaking, Maduro’s aged cigars will bring out a sweet caramel flavor, which can be well-matched with many bourbon whiskies.
  • Light cigars are best paired with mild, subtle blends, such as Suntory’s Hibiki 12 or Master’s Select.

Cigars and alcoholic beverages are an excellent match. The best is, of course, single malt whisky. At the same time, rum, brandy, agave, and other suitable cigars can also complement each other.

 The combination of cigar and whiskey has also created many stories. For example, every time Churchill smoked a cigar, he dipped his cigar in whiskey; a tradition that has been carried on throughout the years by many Cigar and Whiskey lovers alike.